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DiamondAge1310 karma

Zach, the scene with you and Michael J. Fox is one of my favorites from scrubs. Which character played via celebrity cameo was your favorite?

DiamondAge836 karma

I loved Gordon's reaction when she asked him if he'd let someone talk to him like that.

DiamondAge215 karma

surf and turf, i like it.

DiamondAge138 karma

Any likeness is purely coincidental?

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oooh so just because YOU made it you get it play it first? I bet you didn't even pay $20.

Sarcasm aside, i'm really excited for this. Too many good games came out this week, but I pre-ordered tl2 the second I saw it on sale, gave my free copy of tl1 away to a friend who instantly pre-purchased tl2 after playing it. I have to say, the free copy of torchlight was a stroke of genius, because everyone I know who got tl2 gifted tl1, and those they gifted it to bought tl2.