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Former planter here. Describe your worst/most grueling contract.

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My worst was my first. Planting in Ogoki Ontario. The town that used to house the laundry, shopping and general day off facilities had basically shut down when the lumber mill there closed so our nearest patch of civilization was about 2 hours drive away in Geraldton. As a result instead of a 5 on one off cycle we did 10 days in the bush before getting two days off. We also had to pay for motel rooms out of our advances where motels would take us in at all. So 10 days without clean clothes or showers etc... On top of that heavy rain had washed away a lot of the logging roads into the blocks we were planting and our only Bomby (think of a big metal shelf on top of tank treads) broke down on our first day into a particularly remote block so we had to hump in our trees each morning. The bags of trees contained 400 saplings each and were soaking wet so they were really heavy. This particular block was 9km from the road so the first 1 1/2-2 hours of each day on the block was a brutal hike (not to mention the hike out at the end of the day). Where we could we would spend hours building makeshift roads so the 4 wheelers could bring trees in. For anyone interested planters get paid by the tree in most cases, so any time you aren't putting trees in the ground you aren't being paid. After that block we had another nightmare piece where the roads were so bad we actually had to take small boats down a river to get to the land. Again this really slowed the rate of trees planted. Along with that we had all the typical stuff, planing in snowstorms, rain, bears, etc... A friend of mine actually wrote a play about it which I think he just made into a film. But honestly this is not even the worst story I've heard about a nightmare contract. I'm sure after 1.5 million trees OP will have a similar one.

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428 trees is lowballing. Gotta be putting in at least 2000 to make any money on most contracts.