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Not OP, but I own a french Bulldog that I rescued from someone who was going to discard him. Everytime I walk Harvey people always say "I want a Frenchy!" I always, always try and dissuade them from French Bulldogs, I know Harvey doesn't live in pain, but he definitely lives in discomfort all the time because of his flat face. Why would you want that for a pet you love?

This idea of getting a boutique breed needs to stop, we need to rescue the dogs that already exist, they need us first.

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Harvey by far is the friendliest dog I've ever known, his mission in life is to meet everyone and put a smile on their face.

It's too bad his own life is one of constant discomfort and struggle, I try my best to make sure he's comfortable, healthy, and happy.

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I'm talking about breeds that are deformed here, that makes their every day living a struggle, the ones you mention are not boutique style dogs.

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There seems to be an agreement currently with breeders and buyers that if your dog is not perfectly healthy they will breed you another puppy. I know this because that's how I got my French Bulldog Harvey, he had a hole in his heart and the owner didn't want an imperfect dog, because of the money he spent he was promised a perfect dog from the breeder. Doesn't this just add to the current problem we have, shouldn't you be willing to accept and take care of the life you adopted no matter the cost it was or its health? I guess what I'm trying to ask from you is what is the perfect world of dog breeding that you would like to see and that you are fighting for, because to me it seems even the good breeders are not doing things properly yet.

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Summer time is a massive challenge with dogs like ours, people picture going on hikes and playing outside but that's almost impossible with these dogs.