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Hello Dr. Siegel, I'm 33 years old and quit a 10 year smoking habit about 6 years ago. I'm worried that if I can no longer get my vape supplies and run out, the temptation to buy a pack of smokes will overcome me and I will return to smoking cigarettes. I feel my only alternative options would to be to seek out ejuice on the black market or possibly try snus to see if that helps. What do I do?

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Of course, I'll just quit, thanks. Why didn't I think of that?

Tried cold turkey 50+ times, lozenges, gum, patch, wellbutrin. The sad reality is I always found my way back to cigarettes. I'm sorry my will power is not as strong as yours, but quit or die is not a solution. Vaping got me off the smokes for good 6 years ago and I haven't reverted. Only way I may revert is if it is taken away from me by the government.

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American, but I hear their snus is great for tobacco harm reduction.

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Why should I have to quit? I believe nicotine helps my mind stay sharp and keeps my ADHD at bay. It increases my attention, concentration and reduces impulsivity. I'm dependent on it the same way I am with caffeine/coffee to stay alert and improve my cognitive function during the day. If my only choice was to go back to smoking, I would try to go without nicotine because the harm from smoking warrants it, but I just dont trust myself. Fortunately there are ways to get nicotine that are less detrimental to my overall health (for the time being). Should I also try to ween myself off caffeine too since I'm dependent on it every day to wake up and keep alert? Or is coffee/caffeine not stigmatized enough (yet) to bother? If there are actual harms from these two substances I would understand the need to ween off them, but so far any actual risks shown in scientific research to date is very minimal comparatively. In my mind, my caffeine and nicotine intake (in vape form) are some of the least risky things I should be worried about in my day to day life, not to mention my personal right to partake in if I so choose.