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Your life has had a big arc through a lot of wild stuff to get where you are now. Do you think there's anything you could have told your younger self to save them pain that would have actually sunk in?

16yr sober dad trying to plan for when my daughter hits her teens!

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As someone on SSRIs, I can tell you it's like 50% of the feeling went out of my dick. That did lessen over time, but eventually you hit a steady state. I imagine it's similar for women.

I'm gonna assume that if you were thinking about pegging that you'd considered things like vibrators first? Just checking!

Totally get it though. It is at least half the fun getting your partner off and it's hard to shake the feeling you didn't "perform" if you don't. Maybe see if she can get herself off with a wand/vibrator and see if that's something you can enjoy together (eg she gets to it while you do the smooches and squeezes to help her out).

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I don't know! Aaaaaaaaaagh!

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I've always been fascinated by swearing and how it varies from culture to culture and language to language. I noticed that Polish swearing has a lot more disease in it than English swearing (we'd only call someone a cankerous whore in jest these days),and in the middle East they would insult your entire lineage more than you. What are the main drivers for these differences?

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What is it like the first time you fly a big bird like that? Is it just like "I've spent loads of hours in simulators and other mid size airliner aircraft so this is fine" or is there a bit of "shit this is the real deal and I hope I don't end up porpoising down the runway like a noob"