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DevonV94225 karma

Seriously, you’d think I was Annie Wilkes if you saw my bookshelf. I own almost everything you’ve written so any response to this post at ALL (even written in gibberish) would mean the world to me. Anyway, time to think of a question – or maybe even a few since I can’t help myself here.

. What is your attitude toward electronic books and whether or not we’ll see paper books survive into the near/distant future?

. How did it feel as a novelist to break into playwriting with Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County? What do you like about the art form?

. Do you know the status of the IT remake? How about Frank Darabont’s adaption of The Long Walk?

Once again, I’m star struck in spite of the fact that you’re probably hundreds of miles away. You’ve been my idol since I was eight and inspired me to start writing. This mindless meandering is only a facsimile of how much I value your work. Rock on.