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Devil_Dick_Willy1 karma

Hey Finn, sounds like you've lead a hard but awesome life so far and glad you're enjoying Finland!

My mother is blind and has been from birth, can I ask what programs you use for using your computer and reading/browsing on the Internet?

She had taken a course at college where she used a program called Jaws but this was during the dial up era and the program is extremely expensive to buy, I've read into things a little bit and there is a Backtrack distribution of Linux that looks promising but would love to know what you use/anything you find that makes browsing easier.

Have you ever considered getting a Guide Dog/do you have the option of receiving one? We got our first one when I was 5 years old and are onto our 3rd one (I'm 27) and they have made such a difference to my mums life.

(Well all our lives, they retire at around 10 years old and you have the option of keeping them or having them re-homed, we kept each one after retirement and I may be a bit biased but greatest dogs ever).