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If you take a pee does the urine freeze before it hits the ground, thus forming the seldom seen peesicle?

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Don't confuse entertainment and lack of understanding with fact

Great line.

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How does a journalist of your caliber make a mistake like you did regarding George W. Bush military service story? What is the process for deciding that a story has enough support to present to the public and where did this process breakdown for this story? No disrespect meant i am genuinley curious. Thanks.

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It seems like the mainstream media is so obsessed with equal time that all points of views are looked at no matter how outlandish they may be. I think this sort or relativism is what turns educated people off to the news. There is such thing as fact and the news should point it out to us when they see it as well as call out politicians in lies. We do not need equal time or "both sides of the story" if one side is patently false. It would be nice if the media would call out the liars on both sides of the aisle.

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How much of your day is spent on fundraising activities and does your party pressure you to do more when it comes to fundraising? Thanks for your time.