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Detweilerrr2 karma

For the Docs - should I go to my primary care to get checked out? Or should I head directly to someone like a gastroenterologist?

I’m 30 y/o and had a colonoscopy about 5 years ago as I was having regular stomach aches and irregular bowel movements, including thin stool, straining to evacuate, feeling of fullness/heaviness. That gastro didn’t find anything on the scope and said it was just IBS.

Now a few years later it seems I’m feeling those symptoms again. Passing gas always takes an extra push and bowel movements require extra straining. Stool is always solid. Pardon if this is crass, but it just feels like my rectum is very tight? Haven’t noticed any blood and I feel generally well, but my behind just seems very tense at all times making using the restroom difficult.

Any thoughts?