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Detta_Ven38 karma

Mike just announced he's not involved- please tell me Kevin & Trace are at least entertaining the notion? Mike was a HUGE part of the series & not having the main family on board will be severely disappointing ...

UPDATE: After scouring various social mediums, it appears this'll be a fresh relaunch of MST3K. As it saddens me it's not a proper reunion, I can not knock the attempt and possible outcome. Thanks for all the laughs, Joel :)

Detta_Ven10 karma

Wow. Trace is out as well: Tweet

Detta_Ven2 karma

Joel, again, I want to thank you and the entire MST3K family for everything, really. As most people probably did, I got overzealous about details when I heard the news this morning, so thank you for the clarification. I will be funding this & am ecstatic that one of the best shows ever is making a return!