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As a chronic pain patient who finds it harder and harder every day to just get the medication I need to survive, it's extremely aggravating to find someone post a story claiming you can just deal with chronic pain with things like meditation & binaural beats - which btw, if you do further, extensive research into, you'll find to be psuedo-scientific at best. At least I'm sure whatever beats you probably can get your own hands on, since the original study on them is very different from the types of "binaural" beats people post online or sell. Unless you've verified their authenticity somehow. (I know since this is something I researched on my own some time ago.)

I'm not trying to say these things dont work for you, as many things have been proven to work for people that dont even have actual evidence behind why they are, other than thee patient's belief. That is fine, and I'm very very glad that you were able to overcome something so difficult.

I, myself had a physical dependency, after having to take oxycodone for about 15 years, and I hated the way it made me feel emotionally & mentally, so I eventually just started to ramp down on my own until I was barely talking anything anymore, and then with help from my pain management specialist, using something called buprenorphine, just switched completely off. That was just 2 ½ years ago, and with physical therapy to work on my pain as well.

But i want to make it clear that there is a difference between chronic pain patients managing pain becoming physically dependent, and actual drug addicts.

The unfortunate thing is, pain can't always be managed by simple things like "yoga", "meditation", & " 'cbd"......

About a year later, a horrible mystery problem would start to cause me such severe pain that i couldn't function. Or move, i couldn't live my life anymore... Every time I would open things like the refrigerator door, or flip a light switch... It felt like someone was stabbing me with a rail road spike under my shoulder blade. The worst part was trying to get anyone at the ER to help me, to diagnose me, or really anything. Even though I wasnt there for anything except to figure out what was wrong.

Do you know why?? Because they treat people, like me, people who are suffering, at extremely high levels of pain, like drug addicts and drug seekers. I've never done anything to warrant that response from them other than take pain medication i needed. But they didn't see me as a human being anymore.

Unfortunately because of this new pain, which kept getting worse and worse, I had no more options left but to get back on my old medication, either. Which has become harder than ever. To get, to even agree on a dose that will actually help me, because instead of doctors being able to help patients, the opioid crisis & patients abusing their medications, now it's up to the government what they're allowed to do & how they can treat me, regardless of my pain level, or my tolerance, or anything else.

I am just tired of people treating chronic pain patients who use medications they actually need as if they are some kind of monsters..... And when I see a post like this, I guess it somewhat bothers me that you're claiming other people with chronic pain can just do yoga, meditation, & CBD (when most of the products out there can be unregulated & not even contain it), while possibly making it even worse out there for those of us who have to continue to fight every single day just to get a bare minimum of pain medication when it's not enough.

For something that leaves me at a level 8 most days. For something that keeps me from being able to even live my life at all. For something that's causing me severe pain just to type all of this to you right now.

Again.... I'm glad all of this works for you. Hope it continues to. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

😓 take care

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Did i ever say that they were a good choice for long term management? However, sometimes when you dont have any other options currently, that's what you've got. Believe me, if anyone's aware of the down regulation dopamine that increases the perception of pain long term, it's me; I do have an extensive history with them.

The problem is honestly more to do with doctors rn and their lack of help with diagnosing an extremely simple problem. But then, that's our healthcare in this country (US) I've been stuck in limbo for far too long.

All I was trying to say is Im tired of chronic pain patients being treated like drug addicts. They're not. The majority of them are only trying to manage their pain

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Upset me as well. People like that are the reason some of us become afraid to actually fight for ourselves when something is physically wrong.

When you know your body, and you know something is wrong & nobody is listening, it's traumatic, especially considering the risks.

It's a known fact especially that women are taken less seriously by male doctors, also. Which makes it even worse, even harder. I've been trying to get help for so long it's not even funny at this point & my symptoms are only becoming worse.

I've had things like this happen before, when I was younger - but it took someone fighting for me, and months to figure it out. It also was an extremely rare thing, one which they didn't even believe I had until they cut me open & did exploratory surgery to figure out.

So I hate this idea of "doctor shopping" being something wrong. Whatever happened to being able to get second & third opinions? If you KNOW something is wrong, why the hell would you just give up? It's ridiculous.