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If ISIS is so disabled and on the run how has this effected stability in Syria?

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Less than gtx 750 ti power and no RAM to speak of. Maybe it plays crysis, but nobody plays crysis.

Gamers won't want this, casuals will prefer a decent laptop... who is this really being made for?

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When Noah built the Ark it says he used Shittim, gopher wood and sometimes acacia. Which is it?

If you had to build an ark, as a man of science, what type of wood would you use?

Also, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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I have always dreamed of taking a hot air balloon ride at night. Have you ever done that?

The closest I got was a tethered balloon at Disneyworld Florida but they run a generator on the balloon that killed the vibe.

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Thank you!

I just saved $250!

No seriously, Plumbers can have a very tough job. I have done some of my own and it seems there is always one little thing that Makes every job I do suck.

For example I went to replace my shower head pipe and guess what happened? Yep the threads broke off in the fitting. I spent two days grinding and picking metal out of the thread with a number 10 file.