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First of all, they’re flight attendants. It’s not the 1960s anymore.

“Racial battlefield?” What in the actual fuck are you on about? The problems being caused on airlines today are being caused by unruly passengers, you nitwit.

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Can you even back up your claims of a “racial battlefield?” I seriously doubt it. The rise in bullshit on airline flights is because passengers are being fucking stupid about masks the majority of the time. Not the crew. Jesus Christ you have the mental capabilities of a mop.

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Going for my 2nd colonoscopy in January. Doc originally offered the (cologuard?) poop in a box, but after reading about the high (10-12% I think) rate of false positives and negatives, I thought about it (and had the cologuard) for a month or so and ended up emailing my doc and asking for a referral for the traditional procedure. I still remember feeling the night-night juice (Propofal I believe. It looked like a big syringe full of milk!). Err anyway - I remember as the anesthesiologist was administering it, I felt it “move” through my arm for just a couple of seconds before…I remember waking up. :) That stuff is good! I’m a big dude too - 6’6” and 300lbs. I’m surprised they don’t just shoot me with one of those elephant tranquilizer guns when I walk through the door!

I have tried to convince so many of my same-age friends to get their colonoscopies. I tell them the procedure is a breeze. You get knocked out, wake up, and you’re done! It’s the frickin’ prep for the thing that sucks!

I was told that the 1 gallon of the “stuff” I had to drink has been reduced or changed to a new thing? I remember trying to put Crystal Light or something like that into my multiple glasses of it. There’s just no way to make it taste good…and then when you finally board the “omg am I EVER going to stop pooping” train - lol you just don’t want to drink any more!

Now you’ve got me curious. I’m gonna have to ask my anesthesiologist how much it takes to knock me out! :)

Well that was a much longer and more rambly post than I thought it would be.

Guys, don’t be afraid. Colonoscopy = easy peasey procedure, and it could save your life!