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Google has been completely silent on CISA. Given the positive PR they know they could absorb by coming out against it, and the fact that they were supporters of CISPA, you can pretty much assume they're pro-CISA, just like Facebook.

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How large of a bribe is Hillary requesting in return for her support?

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Because Google is most likely pro-CISA.

They were pro-CISPA as well, but found out the hard way last time that they need to stay quiet about that fact to avoid damaging the misplaced trust many have in them.

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I've witnessed the code first hand via (ex) friends and (unfortunate) family members who are police officers, and can tell you that they're only silent when they aren't bragging about it to people who they twistedly seem to think will be amused by their fucked up stories. I no longer speak with any of them. They're not people anymore, they're police.

Thanks for being the 0.0000001%

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...but things that "benefit them" ultimately come down to "things that make them money", so it's really just a bribe in disguise anyway.