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Denny_Craine38 karma

why wouldn't they just shut up and not say anything? That seems like the most effective counter-interrogation technique possible. An interrogator's job is to basically trick the interrogatee into telling you what you want to know, so wouldn't clamming up be the best possible thing they could do to prevent you from getting info?

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I mean is it even fair to qualify it wirh "likely"? She outright said he rapes her from ages 5 to 19 and another daughter came forward to say he'd sexually harass her and she fully believes the other sister.

The dude did it

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I kind of interpreted his face as "lol are you serious bro?"

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I'm an aspiring hobby blacksmith, just getting started with a shitty homemade break-drum forge. How did you get started in the trade? Were you formally trained? How did you first start making money off of your work?

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I think those types of people view guys like Kinksi as characters rather than real people.

It's easy to ignore the crimes of an interesting character, because to them it's not real. The real man had real victims

Reality takes the fun out of it so they ignore the reality