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DenizYakamoz21 karma

A dock with GPU slot or a thunderbolt. I was thinking of a similar question. Because with that price, everyone who owns surface will try to play games and do hard GPU work on it. Will there be dock with GPU slot or a thunderbolt (you can add ViDock for GPU via thunderbolt)

DenizYakamoz13 karma

When are you going to sell Surface in my country, Turkey? With the same price ofcourse. (Some products get too expensive when they sold in my country). We are eagerly waiting to get our hands on it.

DenizYakamoz7 karma

Wait! Is that mean a thunderbolt is on the way? This is a huge news. Because we were discussing above about the thunderbolt and external GPU. You must advertise it everywhere to let the world know the game is changing. If that is really coming.

DenizYakamoz6 karma

Will there be external GPU on Surface Pro 4? That way it can replace a desktop as well. You mention something like this in last Surface Pro 3 AMA. But there wasn't anything like that.

DenizYakamoz4 karma

Easy. Pick one that matches with your Surface Cover :)