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Hi! I started a petition (purely as a means to show support) to put googly eyes on Mr. Trash Wheel. I will garner support and volunteers for this and we will make these eyes from our own money and donations. They really shouldn't be that expensive anyway. What do you think? The petition already has 455 signatures. The link is below with a "mock up" (if it can be called that). I think it would look amazing in the harbor gobbling up all the trash!


(If users here would like to see this happen as well please show your support by signing!)

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Besides worldwide championship chess matches and tournaments what do you do in your home country with chess? Do you visit schools? Chess clubs? Do you have your own organisation in Norway? Do you support chess specifically in Norway in anyway? Any chess related projects you are working on in Norway?

I've also heard you are quite the celebrity back home. Would you say you are a household name? Do you get recognized where ever you go?

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If you see chess as an art form, what would you say is the most beautiful game you've ever seen?