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I once had a doorman of a hotel come up to me, and he said “Ms. Delores, I have a VIP here. Can he smoke a cigar while on the way to the airport?”

I said, “Sir, I don’t care who it is, they cannot be smoking no cigar in here!”

I didn’t realize the mayor was standing right behind him. He tells the mayor what I said, and he said he’d take the cab anyway. On the way to the airport, he asked me, “So what do you consider a VIP?”

I told him, “Sir, every person that comes in here is a VIP, as long as they can pay the fare!”

He didn’t seem to have a problem with my answer.

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Child, please. No. I picked up a girl, and she said “What if I decided to rob you?” And I said “Let’s put it this way; someone is going to heaven, and someone is going to hell.”

Having said that, sadly, some of my fellow drivers haven't been so lucky. One guy got carjacked just the other day.

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Sweetheart, I run a tight ship. When you get in my cab looking tipsy I explain the rules and regulations. I keep plastic bags in my cab. I tell people, if you take sick... you are doing it in this bag.

I tell people, if you throw up on my floor I’m putting you on clean up duty.

That is how I roll in my cab. You can eat off the floors in my cab. I keep a clean cab.

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The craziest conversation I’ve heard in the cab is when two or three men are going to the airport, and they have did everything you can imagine here, so they are trying to get their story correct. So they said, “When we get back home, we don’t say nothin. Whatever we did here, it stays in New Orleans!”

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The credit card machines that we use are outdated. It’s old technology that breaks down too much. Remember, these machines have been hacked in the past stealing customers credit card information. Square just seems to be more safe and reliable, not only for the driver but the customer as well. Again see my answer about Square.

In fact, one of the companies the City brought in (without bids or input from the outside) turned out to be a totally fraudulent company. Dailie owes many of our members thousands of dollars that they never paid out. We are working with the Inspector General fight this.