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Recently watched a interview of Neil deGrasse Tyson, he tried to explain the Higgs boson as being the reason behind why things have mass, does that explanation coincide with your own understanding?

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Thinking out loud, but if the Higgs boson exists, and it indeed is the reason behind why objects has mass, I wonder if if would be possible to remove mass from a particle that would otherwise generally have a mass. Along that line of thinking and in reference to the discussion about neutrinos, exactly how fast in relation to particles of light does a neutrino travel at? If a neutrino does have a non-zero mass and it was possible to strip it of mass would it be able to travel at the speed of light? (This is under the assumption that neutrino's can't travel at or faster than the speed of light) I don't actually expect replys from you on any of these questions :) was just typing out my thoughts.

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What equation show's that once you surpass C that time beings to reverse?

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I know some players when making mechinima type videos in space engineers have used atmospheric engines to create psuedo dust storms on planets over very limited area's. Is this a possibility of having real dust storms on Mars added to the game since the effect is already present in the game and would just have to be spread to a larger area?