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Im autoimmune compromised with Selective IgM deficiency. Found out at 35. Was told by others usually its diagnosed with something like leukemia. Ive had to comfort my whole family esp my parents while they don’t know how to act around me anymore. I did some psychedelics and it really calmed me down and relieved my fear of death completely.

I guess those arn’t really questions though. Do you have any favorite hobbies or books or music/ movies? Im a fan of anything that makes me laugh in all the chaos. Stay strong.

Deftinwolf851 karma

Good choices. The ending to interstellar was so hard for me to understand in the theaters. I couldn't wait till it was on dvd I had to go see it again. So bummed about covid because I REALLY want to see his new movie Tenant. I am such a big fan of spy movies and Nolan is just brilliant!