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Maybe the answer is something like the Spanish monarchy, which was re-established as a unifying principle after a long authoritarian rule.

In a multiethnic country, it is easier to identify with a person or a family, than with a different ethnicity which dominates the state.

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The question is - what happens at the end of your fall, where the air is much more dense?

I would guess that levels of oxygen in your brain would grow again, up to the norm. So a few rather awful seconds when you realize that you are about to hit the earth.

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A state sponsored engineering team could easily fry all the star link satellites, should they want to...

Destroying thousands of satellites owned by an American company?

China might get away with that, but in case of Iran, that could well be casus belli. They are not suicidal.

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Well, the hull has disintegrated from the aerodynamic forces (the field of debris in Lockerbie was HUGE), you are probably falling strapped in your seat, the terminal velocity might not be that high.

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Well, under normal circumstances, yes, but if their population revolted on a scale comparable to what is happening in Iran now, the politburo might sacrifice some part of their trade for staying in power.