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Or mine.

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So that's why they have those "Do not follow" signs.

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Firefighter/EMT in VA, too, though not a paramedic yet. Our state has several levels of EMT - Basic, Intermediate, Paramedic. Then there’s a couple flavors of Paramedic - critical care, shock trauma, flight. They all have different cumulative levels of abilities as far as dispensing meds (even the Basic’s have a small “stat pack” of meds they can provide), but yes, the Intermediate and Paramedic EMTs can start IVs, give meds, and do quite a bit en route to the hospital.

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We should be friends.

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While I'm sure it's been said many times over, I just want to say Thank You. I was a Boy Scout until exiled because of being gay, and it means a lot that people are actively working to change the program so others don't face the same. Bravo, and thank you.