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I think they all just make money, the fight against terrorism is just an excuse.

I think the same about the US wars. In the Vietnam War, communism was the excuse. But I think it was really about money. Perhaps most wars come down to money if you really dig into the history of the conflicts.

Do you think this is a significant reason that veterans commit suicide, because they eventually discover that all the horrible things that they were subjected to was just a ploy to make some people money?

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That's exactly what this is.

"I had no marketable skills or knowledge, so I traveled the world and taught English. That didn't pay very well, so I wrote a book about my incredibly common life experiences. That didn't pay very well, so now I'm looking for a cush government job."

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If you ever stripped a car down, you would see how many gaps there are for air to penetrate. Air is a very small substance. Even liquid tight connections may still leak air, in the right conditions.

I think what would make a big difference here are the speed of the vehicles and the density of the traffic. For slow moving cars surrounded by lots of other slow moving cars, everyone is breathing that pollution in.

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Looks like 煎饼. That's a good breakfast.

I guess all the markets near you are closed. Man that sucks. China trips are all about food for me. 川菜 til I die.

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I don't think private insurance would lobby against an unprecedented ability to raid the government coffers. If anything, if an idea like yours got traction, I'm afraid they would just co opt the process.

For full disclosure, how personally invested are you in private health insurance, stocks or otherwise?