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Deep_In_Thought23 karma

Thank you for all the good work you're doing. Appreciate it.

What's the most common recurring problem you've had to face in your various missions around the world?

Also, everyone appreciates the relief and aid efforts, the media always highlights them.. But what are some of the behind-the-curtain facts (problems, struggles, cultural disconnect or anything else) that aren't widely known to the common people around the world??

Deep_In_Thought4 karma

Following up on the earlier question, have there been any instances where you had the relief response prepped up but it was logistically impossible to dissipate the relief resources to the affected regions? Is it a fairly common occurrence? What's your plan of action in such scenarios?

Is giving up on the relief plan ever an option or maybe letting some other organization take your place?

Do all relief organizations get along fairly well or do you recall any incidence where two or more organizations ended up locking horns and causing unnecessary delays?