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There are only unicorns beyond

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I KNEW IT- 22 minutes in!! I knew we'd get one of these questions within a half hour of opening up this AMA 🤦‍♀️

The sea *was* angry that day, my friends

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A great question! A few of us are awake and answering questions now- here's what came to mind first:
- Get to the ocean if you're landlocked! And start volunteering, interning, or working there to get experience and figure out what you like
- Ask researchers how you can get involved as early as you know you want to get involved- learning research culture is helpful no matter what
- There are scholarships and fellowships available- don't get discouraged by financial stuff!
- We didn't all travel here linearly- multiple of us took years off or started elsewhere (one of us was in HR for 10+ years! another people did neuroscience and industry and premed first)
- Candace, Emily, Jacob, Virginia

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Hi nobody awake yet (its 7:22 am here) is old enough to know those movies (please don't downvote this answer 😬)

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We haven't gotten there yet! And won't ever set foot on the continent, just on the ice if we're lucky. We're going around Antarctica for it's ocean, not on Antarctica for the land.

But GOOD GRACIOUS YES it's incredible and weird and hard to go somewhere so remote. Space will have better internet than us and Holly and I (Virginia) and others left behind small kids to come here, but seeing things that nobody has ever seen ever in the history of the world before is part of the thrill of doing this kind of work.