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I hear the work is trashy as well (sorry).

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You know, in some nations, prisons actually play a part in rehabilitating criminals, instead of just keeping them in a position where the maximum amount of revenge can be brought on them and where they can feel justified about taking revenge for this revenge upon being released.

Maybe I'm not being blunt enough: The US prison and justice system, being based on punishment rather than rehabilitation, is broken beyond all recognition.

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AMA request: The prosecutors who used Reddit to prosecute Weev.

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You know, we should probably make a subreddit called /r/dontquityourdayjob where people can submit their dreams and we can tell them why they're bad ideas and that they should just shut up and keep slaving away at their boring desk jobs.

Actually, while being a somewhat mean idea it could also save a lot of people from going into debt...

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Could also have been some form of nuclear weapons research.