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How do you... define Extreme Music, exactly? What is this Extreme that's spoken of?

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What is Scientology's purpose in buying all this real estate? Do they just want beachfront property? Do they seek a source of revenue? Are they doing it just to spite all of Florida?

... or is there some ulterior, sinister, TOP-SECRET-DO-NOT-READ Armageddon event that they think that requires all beachfront property to be theirs?

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Hi! This is the first AMA I participate in, so please bear with me if I screw something up.

But... what the hell is BRAZIL doing? Most people I talk to seem to have their heads buried underground: they keep saying it's all a giant lie "of the media", that the Amazon isn't burning as much and other weird things.

Don't they have the largest percentage of the rainforest within national territory? Are they just waiting for it all to burn down?