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DeafKid84 karma

Yes, it was awkward as fuck, i was watching a porno without my hearing aid on, but just felt the vibration when it hit the 2 minute mark. Needless to say i freaked the fuck out...

DeafKid60 karma

The rule is for me, DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES. I only learnt when i was 6 when i saw people stare at me disgusted..

DeafKid52 karma

I do, it's like when they said blind people can see in dreams.

DeafKid51 karma

Try and articulate your words, i find it really it hard to understand people if they don't talk normal speed and not crameverysinglewordintoonesentence.

DeafKid46 karma

Well, obviously i had the hearing aid implanted when i was one year old, so i wasn't really capable of thinking and all but i only learned to talk via intense therapy.