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As a union driver for UPS all I have to say is that Amazon workers need to put up the good fight. Sure our union has seen better days but they put up a fight to get the rights and benefits that we have. The delivery business is not easy and I can guarantee you not a single person would stay long enough here to retire otherwise. Have you or other drivers you know tried talking to ups/fedex on routes to try to learn how the rest of the industry does it without Amazon's propaganda?

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You're right, it can be very stressful. Dont get me wrong there's plenty of management harassment here too,, But knowing I have a certain amount of rights like not getting in trouble for using the restroom, and being allowed to take my full lunch break everyday makes everything alot less stressful on the whole. My local union has been taking the initiative to get our members to talk to the local Amazon guys and attempt to un-indoctrinate them lol. With varying success I'd say, depends on how afraid they are to talk to us sadly.