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Hello from Utah. I can't express how big of a fan I am without listing a bunch of pointless shit. I will say watching you guys at the hollywood bowl will always be one of my favorite memories, even if my drunk dancing and singing did disrupt the rich snobs that surrounded us.

Question time. What is the worst situation you've gotten yourselves into? I don't care if it was on tour or you just wandered into the wrong tent at burning man, whatever the worst situation was, what was it and how did you get out of it?

DeadSeaGulls2 karma

I'm finding that designing parts that can be manufactured in the US while still turning a respectable profit requires quite a bit of planning, and often marketing the product as the high end, high quality, super expensive, made in USA line (even when the quality isn't that much different than the made in china alternative). Sometimes, this just isn't a feasible strategy depending on the product etc... do you think that manufacturing in the US is on it's way out? Can we revive it? Should we? or should we just fully embrace the move from industrial age to the age of information?