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I am a medicine student and recently I've been studying a lot of topics related to cardiovascular risk, coronary disease and metabolic syndrome.

High density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein are two things that get brought up a lot, will the consumption of HDL decrease the chances of suffering atherosclerosis? Is HDL a thing that is preferable over LDL to prevent atherosclerosis or is it a shield against it that will activity prevent the disease?

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Hey! Thanks a lot for the reply and thanks for answering my question, I'll be reading the articles you sent me. And you are qualified my guy, you seem like a knowledgeable person!

Deacon-Doe2 karma

Thank you for your words, but you could do a lot more than I will, food is the foundation of our health, even more in these times where everything we consume has risks, consequences or benefits.

Food scientista will educate the population into healthier habits and improve their quality of life and hey, prevent them from having to visit the doctor in the first place!