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This is all great stuff, hope I haven't missed my chance to ask a question. Would Jewish prisoners in the camps have been able to tell when the war began to turn against Germany? What changes to the camps occurred during this time. Thank you for your time and for putting up with the deniers. I'm an undergrad who is pursuing American history and thus I see a lot of slavery deniers. Racist people amiright?

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Thanks for the answer. With regards to the slavery denial I haven't seen any in person since I traveled to West Virginia. On reddit however I've seen people claim that slavery was either the fault of Africans, not bad for the slaves, totally worse for Irish slaves who totally outnumbered African slaves, or that slaves were really just working off fair debt.

People seem to love to hate modern groups of people by attempting to take away the legitimacy of crimes committed against that group in the past, but I'm preaching to the choir I'm sure.

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Yeah. The other problem is that it's usually tied into the Lincoln as tyrant or civil war revisionism stuff. But that's another thing. Spend some time in r/badhistory sometime if you get a chance, there a lot of this stuff.

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How historically accurate are the processes you use in making an atlatl?