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Eh, it's more likely they'd avoid the question simply because the directive's a very complex piece of legislation that has been amended multiple time, and most news about it exaggerates it's impact greatly for either clicks or foolish political reasons.

Notably in that Article 13 doesn't propose an internet-filter in the sense that /u/Zururu implies. (And under a fairly literal interpretation, even bans filters like Youtube's contentID for being too unreliable)

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Except it also explicitly rules out systems that have the problems that current filters have, so that analogy isn't really correct.

It demands you get from Berlin to New York ASAP, doesn't prescribe a method, yet also demands that you provide spacious seating, cheap fares, no delays, etc etc.

The problems with Article 13 are not the filters, it doesn't demand them in the way popular news suggests. The problems with Article 13 are the reality of how it's unimplementable, and will result in constant lawsuits.

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Snowflake gives a Identity to all addresses owned by the user but doesn’t identify the user with it. Privacy legislation thus should not be a factor.

Get consultancy on the GDPR. Yesterday.