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Flesh dripping from the walls? He popped didnt he?

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If you can get to Russia, they give 2 seater MiG 25 flights out there for a frwction of what Virgin Galactic is supposed to charge per flight. I think they get up to about 85K feet, enough to see black sky and the curvature of the Earth.

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I was working security at a hospital equipped with a small morgue in the basement. Part of my job was escorting bodies in and out of that morgue. I was in a crowded, extraordinarily slow elevator one night with two staff members and a deceased elderly lady coming down from ICU. Im not sure how long she was dead but she just let go of everything- and it kept coming.

The three of us futilely try to turn our heads from the instant stench. Rivulets of brown were running down the legs of the gurney and leaking out of the elevator into the shaft because the floor was unbalanced. I thought she'd deflate- was still leaking by the time the elevator doors opened and we practically killed ourselves trying to escape.

I thought I'd have to burn the uniform.

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Did Sokka invent timebending?

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Its amazing how I can watch how many years of Trace's wonderfully whimsical Crow then turn around and love Corbett's gruff and dark Crow just as much.