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You realize that now you HAVE to write a book detailing all of this, right?

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I feel like "star stuff" would be gritty.

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I haven't read the book yet, but if your father was a big an influence on you as he was on me, I'm sure it is outstanding. <added to cart...> Demon Haunted World came out right around the end of high school and clearly influenced my early adulthood; I've purchased this book as a gift for many people who I've bonded with in intellectual curiosity. Doubtless your father was a significant influence; where else have you found influence? Also, Did you dad have, like, the worst dad jokes? This is how I imagine it...

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I'm sure he had Billions and Billions of them...

Thank you for the response. I just downloaded the Kindle version of the book and look forward to diving in!

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Ok, I just started your book -

How do you feel about the movie Contact? (I know the novel was way better...:-).

Edit... I guess I could have read a little more before posting....