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In your opinion, what's the best way to let someone know that you're not ok moving forward with someone who just told you they had herpes?

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I'm imagining taking a slice of time out of my life to be an Olympian. What value do you get back for your investment, or why did you want to become an Olympian? What are your prospects after competing? Thanks for the AMA!

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I hate this answer.

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Are you sueing th FCC in regards to the comment period? I, for one, searched and found one of the copy pasted comments SUPPORTING the end of net neutrality in my name. I have submitted 2 comments stating I want net neutrality and for ISP's to be considered a utility. Also what's happened in regards to the so called DNS attack that inturrupted the comment period after the HBO John Oliver special with a call to arms to phone the FCC? Thanks!

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What if, with this product removed, the colonies don't recover?