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I came around with him? I guess that's what facilitating a completely public Q&A is, then. It may not be the case that everyone who doesn't share your opinions is evil. But I didn't bring anyone anywhere for you to think any particular thing about them, but I certainly support your right to form whatever opinion you want. You ought to give the story a read. The agents themselves aren't a monolith of opinion. Some want to forge ahead, some don't. Some think the costs are too high, and that's actually a courageous and difficult opinion when you're talking about your own work, with your name attached to it, without the approval of your employers, and not opining anonymously. This one just happened to be willing to open himself up to a few public questions, knowing it would include plenty of abuse. Others declined. I don't agree with him or any of the agents I spoke with and wrote about on everything. But, then, that doesn't really matter does it? In any case, the story might infringe on your catharsis.

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That's a great question, and not one I personally know how to answer. I will say, though, that I really do wonder about what the people who were selling drugs that become legalized do when that business is suddenly taken over by people who have experience as legal entrepreneurs. I hope someone is beginning to document it. Or perhaps I should.

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I think this question is, obviously, for Jack. While he's answering others, I'll just add that during reporting there were agents--current and former in multiple agencies--who I heard discussing the same and related questions. There certainly was not uniformity of opinion among the law enforcement personnel I had long discussions with.

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That David Epstein actually isn't me, but you're certainly right I think it's more interesting not just from Jack but...really, who cares what I think? I'm glad to be able to add information people might find useful in that discussion, and I don't even know all my own thoughts about it, honestly. When someone asks whether drugs should be legalized and taxed, it's also not always clear to me if they're talking about marijuana, or marijuana and some other stuff they've tried, or everything out there including heroin, meth and things availabe only with certain pretty restrictive prescriptions. In any case, I appreciate your thoughtful addition here!

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Some. I don't want to go too much into it, but I will say that the experience left me feeling that Adela Navarro is a bonafide hero: http://globaljournalist.org/2014/06/qa-zeta-magazine-director-adela-navarro/