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Hiya my dude, sorry for your keyboard! Alas, a working input devices is above any hard or soft skill in gamedev. What's more important, you have to learn how to convince any employer that you know how to get shit done. For example, in your case you could copy empty space ( ) or underline mark (_) to use in your message instead of writing full message without breaks! πŸ˜„

Also notable things:

  1. Be ready that making games is not as funny as playing games
  2. Forget about 8h working day
  3. Be ready to generate ideas and ways of implementation immediately

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Glad to see a fellow comrade here, thank you!

  1. Starting a studio on your own in Russia? I'd say it's not so difficult. First, you work for over 10 years in game studios, gain some experience, meet cool people and learn from them, and then you quit everything for good and decide to make games that you would like to play yourself.
  2. Tbh nobody really interested in experienced/unexperienced gamers in game development (harsh but true), every company need specialists. With skills in one direction or another. The simplest direction you can enter without having much skills is QA, BUT! Trust me, testing games is not as fun as it seems at first glance. I MEAN AT ALL.
  3. Actually no we started a pre-production of our cyberpunk-themed game long before Cyberpunk 2077 release, but yeah, we saw a lot of umm copycats like Cybersomething 2069? Smart move indeed!

I hope I managed to answer your questions! <3

Edit: typos :(

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Whaddaya mean promote Koch Industries? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

We just made a game called Save Koch, because the protagonist's name is Jeffrey Koch (common german family name, basically translates as a cook), it was never related to any company with similar naming. I even had to google Koch Industries to learn what's that exactly (since I'm not from NA).

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Well while I myself see nothing wrong with creators looking for all possible ways to communicate with people and show them their creativity, I think Reddit will stay a viable platform for indie devs for a long time, depends exactly on how many people be sick of it & inner subreddits rules. I'm sorry this kind of posts pop up on your feed so often, I guess sometimes even 'gaming' flair on AMA posts can't help people filter content. But thanks for passing by anyway! 🧐