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And I know why... 3 month ago I couldn't get out that soundtrack out of my head and at 1a.m. I just went on Amazon and bought it, still give me goosebumps hearing it after you told me the lyrics were from Divine Comedy and other classical stuffs. Great work there Tommy.

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A great man indeed... when I think of him I think about 6 degrees of separation rule in some kind of way. Aerosmith was the first rock band I heard as a kid... Some years later I'm one of the biggest fans of his cousin without knowing you were related untill the Bonus Features of Level 2 Blu-Ray.

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Why you don't have more support from musicians as Lindsay Stirling or Peter Hollens that worked with you this year about the Kickstarter? They have 5 million followers on YouTube each! Because of their popularity you need some kind of financial arrangement for they promote your project via social networks? I was tempted to ask them to retweet some stuffs.

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I'm David Villalva, don't forget I totally translated in Spanish the complete Blu-Ray (including lyrics) for my friends with your help, even every one of the Bonus Features and your hour and a half commentaries of the concert and all of them really love the features. BTW several weeks ago I sent you the Document you asked me to translate in Spanish (VGL International Production Overview 2014-2015) in fact I sent you the document a few hours later the same day, but you were so busy I suppose you didn't see that e-mail. I'm Video Games Live Venezuela on Twitter BTW. I'll resend that soon so you don't have to look so far back. I'm a little proud because you retweet almost every tweet I write.

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Be honest, even if he don't you'll pick him anyway. You love him so much :D