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David-Puddy570 karma

ask for their names (they won't give it to you but it will illustrate the gravity of your request).

ask for the names first!

"Oh, hi! I was just thinking of jehova's witnesses... what are your names? Oh, cool cool cool.... now get the fuck off my property, and make sure you note not to come back, or I will call the cops.

God be with you."


David-Puddy216 karma

Because wolves need at least 3 weeks to learn their lines

David-Puddy175 karma

thats what i always loved about australian fauna.

fuckers wont even eat you...theyll just kill you out of spite

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in amounts of trainwreck-AMAs

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that's pretty much any online, open world, Free-for-all survival game.

rust, ark, etc.

any game that has no-holds-barred PVP will have established players griefing new players...especially if there's something to gain, like that delicious can of food in DayZ