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Wow, you are good. I'd hire you. =)

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Oh yeah, if you're so good, what's my first name?

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Deaf guy here. I notice a Cochlear Implant in your album cover. I also wear a hearing device called BAHA but that's for a different type of hearing loss. I don't have a question, just happy to see another deaf guy not feeling limited by his ailment. Good for you. I listened to your track and although its not my thing, I'm happy you were able to put that out. I do have to ask a question or this will get deleted so... how long have you had an implant?

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What can we do to get NASA more funding? I remember there was a vote a while ago to give you guys another 1%. How can we, as citizens, get you more to work with so we can figure out a way to more efficiently get off this orb?

If you could quantify it, who close would you say you are to solving the ion thruster conundrum? Be it materials, funding or some yet unknown physics roadblock?