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What constitutes sexual assault? Is there a clear definition? For example, my workplace warns against 'unwanted or provocative looks'. Does the contact have to be physical? Does the individual have to be touched in a certain area? Are there any duration, frequency or intensity guidelines? At what point does it move from harassment to assault? Have the laws changed over time with the culture?

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What's the general sentiment regarding Lee Kuan Yew?

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If these "alternative" treatments are working for you than you don't have it that bad.

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Popular sentiment. General feeling amongst the citizens. What's his approval rating look like? Was he popular? Amongst who? Who looks at him as a hero? A villain? Indifferent?

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Do you think that there is a link between savage behavior and eroticism? If so would you be able to provide so examples of what you have experienced? For example, do you ever get Johns who want to simulate a rape experience? Do Johns come to you to express sexually what they do not feel comfortable showing their partner? What are some common requests? Is there a clear line beyond which you are unwilling to cross? Have you explored that line?