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How do you think the outcome of this match will affect the future of poker?

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Do you guys think that if you had a year to review the hand histories, that you could beat this current version of the AI?? Or at least come close?

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If you were to redo this challenge in say a year, how would you change the conditions of play to give you a better/fairer chance?

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Love everything you do.

What did you love so much about the Wire?

The Wire and Breaking Bad are my two all time favourite shows. I could easily point to ten very strong reasons why Breaking Bad is the greatest, however I always struggle to articulate what I loved about the Wire. I think ultimately it was because it was interesting characters and was on occassion hilarious, but beyond that I cant really say why its so awesome.

So why was it so awesome?

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Other than Patreon what do you think the best monetisation strategies will be to get good quality journalism without any conflicts of interest? For individual journalists and companies alike.