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If she's still pooping once a week, she might not be as dead as you hoped.

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alternatively, change the mascot to a potato instead of changing the name.

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Trolling is the acting of slowly moving bait through the water, hoping to get a bite. It has morphed since then, and now is the generic term for anything that you don't like.

An actual troll says something hoping to get a reaction out of people. This would be an example of an actual troll. A prank would be hiding 3 chickens in your school/work and numbering them 1, 2, and 4.

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Targaryens have purple eyes, silver hair, and marry their siblings. Not even close. Those are supposed to be recessive traits, so if say, a Stark were to have a love affair with a Targaryen, the kid would end up looking 100% Stark.

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2 things that I think need to be settled once and for all:

1: What is X's full name? Is it Mega Man X, or just X?

2: Is Wier Dr. Wily?