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Do you think these neighbourhoods could be turned around?

Also, if they are that cheap, have you considered encouraging a setup homeless shelter to HELP the squatters?

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Do you fear death?

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As an Environmental Sciences student, this is great to hear and read!

However, looking at the writing, I find it very American-centric. You believe you can lead on this issue, fair enough; but the reality is that you are far behind many countries as of this moment.

I agree with 'pushing the politics off climate change', and so, linking into that, do you think that the US repairing it's international relationships and improving co-operation will go a long way towards solving the issues? Considering that, although the US is a terrible polluter, so is India and China.

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That's a good answer (sorry if my original question came over as a bit heartless, wasn't intended)

So have you become philosophical about the whole affair?

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May I ask if you have a degree - and if so, what's it in?

Does your job affect your environmental views?

What spills have you attended to? (may be a bit specific - I'll be more than happy with a ball-park number)

Thank you for doing an AmAA :)