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Dassiell16 karma

Why use such a sinister figure to base a religion around? I understand you guys, like Satan, are into indulging, etc. But, you could have used a figure that might actually get sane people to buy into it, as opposed to just isolating yourself from people who don't want association to a figure. It just seems like your run of the mill whiny rebellious counterculture group.

Dassiell4 karma

Isn’t that contrary to what we’re seeing today? No eloquence and political instability?

Dassiell2 karma

On one hand I agree that, philosophy and especially religion, it tends to get “sanitized” into different viewpoints. On the other hand, I’d have no problem with that if they didn’t claim to be following the source material to the letter in the first place. If you took what you liked from Buddhism and left parts that didn’t make sense, or even added other things, it’s a whole new philosophy and that is okay.