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What the fuck where you thinking when you started the company? I mean most people love tea or have a passion for a food before starting a food company. Yet you dove right in, without even having an inkling of what tea is about. I this targeting rich folks who want to feel special?

Thanks for answering 10 questions!

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yeah wtf OP please fix this issue!

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Agreed. It's peaked my interest but without buying your book.

I feel this is just another publicity stunt for a book.

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It is bizarre to see a PR and marketing professional write such basic books on philosophy and life. Do you think book writing is all about marketing and less about the content?

Also are you astroturfing in this AMA?

Is this more publicity stunt than an actual AMA?

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Not only is this the dumbest fucking product out there, it takes advantage of the fear and uncertainty in the current USA climate.

On top of all this, you're doing this AMA for advertising but oh actually it's about starting a company in 2 months. You haven't explained shit about creating a product in 2 months.

I'd be really interested in the process, more than the product. If you waiting until the end to post your product it may have gone better