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DarmaOSRS6 karma

I'm Darma and I speak behalf Hispanic and Latin American community.
I have some points that concerns my community and to myself.
1. How do you guys plan to fight against RWT in Latin American countries. I belong to an Hispanic clan chat and we already reported a lot of players that are entering our clan chat and other Hispanic/Latinamerican clans.
We've been reporting all these people of the clans that rwt but they haven't been banned at all.
2. We need more PMods, in this case for Hispanic people. They are only 4 Spanish speaker PMods (that i know) and they are not active anymore.
3. How can Hispanic people and myself help each other? Regarding rules, security, etc. Probably making a subreddit for Hispanic users (moderated by Jmods for control) to answer questions, suggestions, issues, etc. This would be for volunteers to help people that don't speak Spanish to be able to ask for help to Jmods.
Thank you for you time.