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every time we party he always makes sure I am also taken care of.

I'm curious: how common or rare that is among your clients?

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People get moved as their security risk increases or diminishes based on behaviour, and also on bed allocations and prisoner needs etc. Five prisons in 12 years would not be unusual.

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It wouldn't even meet our veterinary bills for spaying, neutering, vaxing and chipping.

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I dunno we're pretty rural and do about 700 adoptions per year and our vet bill is more than $7K per month on a bad month, before we've fed anyone. We do take a good chunk of veterinary surrenders though. This giant baby hippo next to me on the couch right now is one of them!

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I'm really confused by this. I mean, it's your business so you don't have to clarify anything you don't want to be concrete about, but in case it is relevant...

My first boyfriend had a similar condition and a micropenis. He also had serious game. My next boyfriend was heavily endowed. And had zero game. Very few women gain sexual satisfaction from PIV sex; it's literally everything else that makes a lover either someone you remember fondly later or someone you've basically forgotten.

I am sharing this only to say that if a sexual relationship with another person is a thing you want, don't let your penis define your sexuality or your partners.