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Did any of you get to see the Leilani breakout in Hawaii? That lava through the channel towards to ocean was moving really fast for many days.

What's the fastest lava flow ever recorded and how are flow speeds calculated? Thank you!

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I'm actually curious about this testing. I do not know the HPLC and GC. The common things that i would think to test for (dry flower cannabis) are THC content, any toxic elements such as pesticides, mold, and if it is sativa or indica. I imagine that its different from state to state but seeing packaged cannabis with test labels, how big are the samples? If i'm a grower sending some of my product to your lab, how much can i get 'certified' by the one test?

I guess i'm just asking what the process is from grow-op to lab to packaging to shop. How many labs like your exist in your state?

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Can you talk a little about religious fundamentalism, domestic terrorism, and why white militia members are not being sent to Guantanamo under the USPatriot Act?